Instrument Try-Outs

The Folk Orc bring the tools and you will bring the enthusiasm. With our 20+ traditional folk instruments we invite you to come and have-a-go.  Instruments available to try during the workshop include mandolins, bodhrans, fiddles, banjos and more. You will be shown what to do and you will learn some songs to play. If you have your own instrument and want to come and join in then we welcome you too. You will have the chance to learn a selection of traditional folk songs and play them in the Folk Orc style. Be Folk.

Open Sessions

The Folk Orc Open Sessions are a way to encourage everyone to come and join in. The Folk Orc Open Sessions Band consists of Chris, Michelle and Craig who play through the songs from the Open Session book. There are plenty of spare copies of the book at an open session that will be handed out to all, with lyrics, chords notation and mandolin tab. Songs are chosen randomly by using the open session deck of cards. Bring your instrument of choice or your voice and play or sing along. If you want a heads up on the songs then you can buy the book from the website as a pdf or you can buy a hard copy of the book from one of our sessions.

Festival Programmes

The aim of The Folk Orc is to get more people playing music, and this is what our Festival Workshops are here to do. With our crew of 4 to 6 tutors in our trusty tent ‘Peggy’, we introduce people to playing music. Some of the people we have come into our tent have never played an instrument before, they may be young or old, it doesn’t matter to us, we can get them playing and joining in. We are also there for people who already play an instrument and either want to try something different, pick up a few tips or get some experience playing with other like minded musicians whilst learning some traditional folk songs.

The core of our Festival Workshop programme is the Festival Band Workshop which typically takes place in the morning for 2hrs each day over a 3 day festival. In this workshop we invite everyone in, whether new to playing or experienced, and we learn a set of traditional folk songs and play them as a group. At most festivals, this tends to culminate in a performance on one of the stages. It truly is amazing how good a group of 30+ musicians of varying ability, some of whom have only picked up an instrument a few days before, can sound. For us, this is a truly fufilling part of what we do and are incredibly proud of those participants who join us on stage each time.

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