Regular Sessions

The Regular Sessions are the core of the Folk Orc. Everyone is welcome to come and join us no matter what their ability. These sessions are for people who play an instrument and want to get out there, playing with other people, improving their ability and learning a repertoire of traditional folk songs. Any acoustic instrument is welcome to join us.

The sessions are guided, music for the songs come from the Folk Orc Open Session Book Vol.2 with chords, lyrics, notation and mandolin tab. This is a great way to boost your confidence as a musician and your ability as a player.

If you come to us a complete beginner on your instrument then that is fine as well, the most important thing to us is that you make some noise and enjoy yourself – everything else will come in time. As we say at The Folk Orc; “Whats the worst that could happen?”

Throughout the year we come together as the Folk Orc Regular Sessions Band and perform the songs we learn in session at various events around the South Coast. Attendance is not mandatory but everyone is welcome.

What You Need To Bring To Each Session
An acoustic instrument
£7 fee (see below for details)
A willingness to join in and give it a go

What are you waiting for? See below on where you can find your next local Folk Orc session – come down and Be Folk.

The Coda Regular Session

The original session and where it all started. This session started with just 6 people, most of whom are still coming every week after 10 years. We now have around 20 people turning up each week, learning and playing folk songs and being a part of our community.

The Coda Regular Sessions
Every Thursday in term time,
£7 to join in
Coda Music Centre, Chewton Farm Rd,
Walkford, Christchurch, Dorset BH23 5QL

The Coda Brunch Session

The theory of folk. The Coda Brunch Session started in 2019 and is different to our other sessions in that we take a closer look at the music we are playing. We discuss the theory side of the music, including improvising and writing folk music. Don’t be put off by the word theory, this session is suitable for all abilities and any acoustic instrument.

The Coda Brunch Sessions
Every Friday in term time,
£7 to join in
Coda Music Centre, Chewton Farm Rd,
Walkford, Christchurch, Dorset BH23 5QL

The Swanage Regular Session

This session came to life in 2013 and runs fortnightly throughout the year at The Globe Inn. It runs to same ethos as the other regular sessions. Everyone is welcome to come along and join in.

The Swanage Folk Orc Regular Session Tuesdays, fortnightly throughout the year
£7 to join in
The Globe Inn, Bell Street, Swanage, Dorset BH19 2RY

Regular Sessions Band

Being an attendee of any of the above regular sessions automatically gives you the opportunity to be a part of the Folk Orc Regular Sessions Band. This is where we take the songs that we learn at the sessions and perform them to the public. We have played many of these gigs over the years at craft fairs, Wimborne Minster Folk Festival, Swanage Pirate Festival, Arne Forage Festival and Christchurch Music Festival to name but a few. These performances are great fun and are a great way to improve confidence and ability.

Don’t Live in Dorset?

We want you to get out there and start playing music no matter where you are. So we strongly encourage you, if you can’t get along to one of our sessions, to start up your own session. We already have a group in Yately who have started their own session using the Folk Orc Open Session Book as basis, so why don’t you think about doing it too? Our digital lessons will teach you and your friends how to play the songs, all you have to do is find some people who have instruments (remember, they don’t need to be able to play the instruments to start with, just having the instrument is good enough to start) and find a venue to have your first session. It could be a pub, or your lounge, it really doesn’t matter where or how many of you there are, just get together and start playing. Be Folk.

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