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The Folk Orc Open Sessions Book Vol. 2

The Folk Orc Open Session Book Vol.2 is a collection of 22 traditional* British folk songs that have been arranged to be accessible to players of all levels of ability. Each song includes lyrics (unless instrumental,) chords, notation and mandolin tab. What we would like you to do is take this book, learn the songs and play them with other people. Start your own session. Be Folk.

*One notable exception to this is the words for Hard Times Of Old England Retold, which we were kindly given permission to use by Billy Bragg. There are also traditional lyrics to this tune out there.

Become a Patron via the link below to sign up to our digital lessons, where you will be taught how to play these songs by professional, multi-instrumentalist, Chris Hopgood. These lessons include both in depth tutorials and additional supporting materials for mandolin, guitar, fiddle, banjo or ukulele players. For beginners, these lessons will take you step by step through simplified versions of the tunes, along with tips and tricks to get you playing them. For those of you that already have an understanding of the basics, these lessons will include more complex variations to allow you to expand on your skills and get the most out of these songs.

To get you started there are demos and short lessons for each of the songs, available for free, on The Folk Orc YouTube channel

An accompanying card deck for running your own session can be downloaded from along with tips of how to start your own session.

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