The Folk Orc came to life in 2009 as a fortnightly session at Coda Music Centre, Christchurch – run by Chris Hopgood, a professional, multi-instrumentalist with more than 20 years experience in both his career as an instrumental teacher and as a performer. These sessions brought together a small group of amateur musicians to learn a repertoire of traditional folk music and play it as a group. This is where the community spirit of the Folk Orc was born, along with an ethos that encourages people to explore their musical identity, within a social network of like-minded individuals.

Owing to the popularity of these original sessions the Folk Orc rapidly expanded to accommodate additional weekly sessions in other areas of Dorset. With a successful regular turnout and as the increasing members continued to evolve their skills as performers, the Folk Orc started to showcase their talents by setting up performances at events and local venues.

Now celebrating it’s 10th anniversary, the Folk Orc has expanded it’s offering to include much more than the local regular sessions and it’s network has now evolved to include individuals from all over the country. The Folk Orc now run full weekend programmes at several festivals in both Dorset and Hampshire as well as working closely with Coda Music Trust to provide instrument taster sessions and open sessions. In an effort to provide more support to musicians wanting to be a part of the Folk Orc we now provide digital lessons that will teach you the songs and allow you to be part of the sessions, no matter where you are located or what skill level you are at.

The Folk Orc is accessible to all and we encourage anybody who has an interest in music to join our community, whether that is by attending one of our regular sessions, catching one of our festival workshops or signing up to our digital lessons. We will help you build your confidence, improve your abilities and get the best out of the music. No matter who you are, what you play or how well you play it, we welcome you to become one of our folk.

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