"Most people go through life with their music still locked up inside them."

Don't lock it up inside you. Become one of our folk.


We are here to create an antidote. Folk music is about community, sharing experiences and telling stories. We want to bring folk music back to being about everyday people playing music together and creating a community free from the confines of any social hierarchy. There is a place for you in The Folk Orc no matter what you play or what level you play at. 

To this end, we provide digital lessons that will teach you songs on guitar, mandolin, banjo, ukulele and fiddle, including chords, notation, tablature and full video tutorials.

We run regular sessions in Dorset where everyone is invited to bring their acoustic instrument along and join us in playing a set of traditional folk music. No matter what instrument you play or what level of ability, everyone is welcome.

In addition we run a variety of workshops, instrument try-outs and open sessions at our events across Dorset and Hampshire.

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